If I take diurex right now, will I have to pee all day tomorrow?

Answer According to the safety data sheet provided by the drug manufacturer, the half life is 6 to 25 hours, depending on the person taking the drug. However after reading the SDS, unless this was prescri... Read More »

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What is Diurex used for?

Produced by Alva-Amco, Diurex is an over-the-counter medication used to treat bloating or water retention in women. One variety of the medication, Diurex PMS, also contains acetaminophen to relieve... Read More »

Is Diurex safe?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsDiurex is a common diuretic (water pill). It is used to remove excess body water and relieve pain. The specific diuretic in Diurex is caffeine. WebMD further substan... Read More »

How long does it take for Diurex to work?

Diurex water capsules start working in 1 to 2 hours with more frequent urination. The relief from water weight gain, bloating, and a feeling of puffiness discomfort varies from person to person.Sou... Read More »

I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?

Well you can put ice too it for good periods of timeand whehter your a boy or girl if you want to hide it you may need a little make upmake sure you dont touch the area to much or it will get worse... Read More »