If I swallow someone’s tumor, will I get cancer?

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If someone were to eat something with cancer (eg a tumor), could they get cancer?

You really have no way of knowing if you have ingested cancer or not as it takes millions of cancer cells to be large enough to be seen. However, you cannot get cancer this way as once the host is ... Read More »

Is an active bone tumor cancer?

A tumor is defined as a collection of tissue increasing wildly in mass. Most bone tumors are benign and causation of this increase is unknown. Only some are cancerous (malignant). The spread throu... Read More »

Canine Cancer Liver Tumor?

Dogs can develop liver cancer as well as humans. Liver cancer may result from a tumor that originates in the liver (primary), a tumor that begins in the blood cells or the lymph nodes (hemolymphati... Read More »

What are breast cancer tumor markers?

Tumor markers are proteins or other substances in the body that help reveal the presence of certain forms of cancer. Markers for breast cancer may help in diagnosis of the disease, as well as deter... Read More »