If I subscribe to Limewire Pro, would downloads be legal?

Answer No, LP pro is a bit of a rip off - trying to con you into paying for a service which is free.

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Are Limewire music downloads legal?

100% illegal. To make them legal you need to pay the owner or producers of the music and movies, which you do not, Limewire has a disclaimer which you agree before using their file share Applicatio... Read More »

Would it be legal to use limewire in this situation?

nope, still not legal. do it any way though.really nothing is going to happen to you

How do I install free LimeWire downloads?

Select "Get LimeWire Basic" on the LimeWire home page to get the free version of LimeWire. When the file download pop-up window appears, choose "Run."Select the desired language of operation from t... Read More »

How do I remove viruses from LimeWire downloads?

Download ProgramDownload and install a program for combating malware and viruses such as Malwarebytes (see Resources section). Right-click on the file you downloaded from LimeWire. Select the "Scan... Read More »