If I stick a leech up my vagina, will I never have to use pads or tampons again?

Answer I heard that's what they did back in ancient times.

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Do you use tampons or pads?

Tampons or pads please help?

You have more options than just tampons and pads, both of which can be inconvenient as you have to constantly buy more, have to carry them with you, change every few hours, and sometimes struggle t... Read More »

Tampons vs. pads?

I use both.... if I am buying tampons then I get either Tampax Pearl or some other plastic applicator. I know it is not good for the enviornment, but it is definatley more comfortable. As for pads.... Read More »

Poll: tampons or pads?

tamponscleaner, doesnt feel like a diaper, more descret, hardly any smell or discomfort. TAMPAX PEARL!!!!!