If I soak my lips in salt water, will they shrink?

Answer they'll probably just sting like hell if you have dry lips. why would you do that in the first place?

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How to Soak Chicken in Salt Water Before Frying?

A common problem with homemade fried chicken is overcooking. The solution for creating succulent meat every time is brining. The process involves soaking the meat in a solution of salt and water, w... Read More »

What are the major benefits of salt water pools over chlorinated ones if you suffer from psoriasis and research suggests that it would be better to have a salt water pool?

Answer For one reason, saltwater pools use a special salt to keep your pool clean without the irritating burn of chlorinated pool water that you accidentally get in your eyes sometimes. Another rea... Read More »

Eposum salt to soak toe?

depending the location: on top or bottom, may d/t the venous return partially blocked.on side is d/t gout, drink 6-8 room temp or higher water and take 1 B12 or B-complex and 1 zinc after first m... Read More »

How to Prepare Sea Salt Soak?

Sea salt, sometimes called Bay Salt or Solar salt, is produced when water evaporates from sea water. It is often produced on islands, such as the Cayman Islands and the Philippines, and in coastal ... Read More »