If I say chocolate , what is the first word that comes to your mind?


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True or false: red wine ans chocolate are good for the mind..?

True but as Misty said, not so good for the waistline. Everything in moderation, unfortunately!!Scientists believe polyphenols - plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate and wines - widen blood v... Read More »

Poll~ Whats better than a huge glass of chocolate milk when your mind is busy thinking and can't sleep?

I was thinking something in white pants...or even better out of the white pants

When i say : Lil wayne ...what's the first word that comes in your mind ...?

Cuz I'm right right and your wrong left....har ha ahahahacheck out the bizarre I'm irregularly irregular!And Midget Mac lol

How to Make a Mind Map on Word?

A mind map is a method used to brainstorm, conceptualize, plan and make decisions. Mind mapping uses free association, creative thinking and graphic images to creatively help you generate ideas, co... Read More »