If I said I want coca. Or I want cola. Do people understand ?

Answer Never heard anybody refer to it as Coca. Just coca-cola.Probably because cocoa is a chocolate drink.

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Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

So I run a pub, and we are debating, do people really care if its Coca Cola or Pepsi?

I think it is all in the mind. I stopped paying full price for cola, I always buy the generic or store brand. It tastes every bit as good because it comes from the national brand distributors. The... Read More »

Which drink do you prefer: Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola?

I´m addicted to Coca Cola, the Best!! If it´s cold,better

{between cola's} coca'cola and pepsie which is the gassiest?

Coke, because Pepsi has more sugar than gas in it. But that makes you burp more is applejuice mixed with carbonated water. That seriously makes you burp. And Hiccup too.