If I said I want coca. Or I want cola. Do people understand ?

Answer Never heard anybody refer to it as Coca. Just coca-cola.Probably because cocoa is a chocolate drink.

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Dr Pepper,cherry Coca Cola or vanilla Coca Cola?

So I run a pub, and we are debating, do people really care if its Coca Cola or Pepsi?

I think it is all in the mind. I stopped paying full price for cola, I always buy the generic or store brand. It tastes every bit as good because it comes from the national brand distributors. The... Read More »

How do most people get famousi want 2 be an actor how will that happen i want 2 try out for a role where do i go?

You mean the series finale. I think anyone who doesn't drink, smoke or swear.

Having a 1st birthday and want to create a time capsule. want people to bring my son things for it what should I say on the invation?