If I resign from the university, what will happen to me with my Financial Aid?

Answer Talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information regarding your situation. Depending on where you are in the semester you may have to repay part of what you have received. As f... Read More »

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How to Check My Financial Aid from the University of Phoenix?

After filing an application for financial aid with the University of Phoenix, it's important that you stay current on the status of your application, as often, further information is needed. If thi... Read More »

What will happen to your current insurance policy if you transfer from a newer vehicle with full coverage to an older vehicle with basic coverage?

The cost of the monthly permiums should go DOWN, as the cost of replacement of the car, or repairs to it will be less expensive.Check with the insurance agent.

University administration more concerned with spending millions on athletics, none on financial aid?

"University President seems obsessed with publicity" - That's his job. The primary reason the president is hired is for fundraising."the new student loans and pell grant limits" - Changes to these ... Read More »

What will happen to a motorcycle with too much oil?

How much is "abit too much"?100mls is ok 1000mls is a bit of a worry.