If I reinstall windows 7 will I loose programs such as adobe after effects?

Answer When Windows is re-installed from scratch it will over write all program settings. The software that was installed by you will no longer be there along with any of your personal settings. Depending... Read More »

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If I reinstall windows is there a way to keep ,y programs such as after effects?

Not without reinstalling it. You damn sure don't just copy and paste it to and from a flash drive like some fool would tell you.Edit: @ debbie. Give it up in here. Your answers are most always wron... Read More »

How to Remove & Reinstall Adobe?

The Adobe Flash Player enables your computer to play flash video files (FLV files) on websites such as YouTube and Google Video. Adobe updates this software frequently to enhance its compatibility ... Read More »

How do I reinstall Adobe Acrobat on a Mac?

Find the Right DownloadLoad the Adobe downloads website and find the version of Adobe Acrobat that fits your needs (see Resources). Click a download link to save the file to your Mac. If necessary,... Read More »

How to Make Awesome Lighting Effects in Adobe After Effects?

As a filmmaker, you an spice up an action sequence by adding an awesome lightning effect around your character. Adobe After Effects is editing software that is designed to do just that, among many ... Read More »