If I record a dictation into a handheld digital recorder, how do I get it onto the computer to email?

Answer Several thoughts...... one you may not like.1.) Be careful because you are one step away from the docs using dictation software. See link below.2.) Most smart phones have a native voice recorder/vo... Read More »

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Digital Audio Recorder that does not record itself?

Got a Laptop, go get Audacity, it is a free download. Then get a Microphone, not a USB type, they sell the Apex 750 for $29.99 online. I use that microphone for this - Read More »

How to Use a DVD Recorder to Record Digital Channels?

DVD recorders allow home users to record content directly from a TV or other device onto blank DVDs that can be kept to watch any time. DVD recorders are relatively inexpensive, simple to use, and ... Read More »

How to Record and View Digital Channels Using a Philips DVD Recorder R3570H?

Here is how to view freeview channels through your Philips Dvd Recorder R3570H in a way so that you can record them. Without these simple instructions , you may spend hours of fiddling and decipher... Read More »

Can you record video with a digital camera directly onto your computer?

Answer With most video cameras you can. I can do it with my camera, just have the camera in Auto (or whatever your usual record mode is) instead of Play or VCR mode. It should stream straight into... Read More »