If I put tuna in macaroni will it taste like tuna helper ?

Answer It will be yummy!I have been mixing tuna into my mac and cheese for years.Just add salt and pepper.Velveeta shells and cheese will make it great.

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How to Make Tuna Helper?

Tuna helper is a great meal for kids and also a hot dish for picnics. It's an easy meal to make in under 15 to 20 minutes. Here is how to make tuna helper.

Tuna Helper Question?

Yes it is OK, if you are allergic to milk or just don't eat it than you can add water or a substitute milk product like soy.

How to Make Tuna Macaroni?

A new and innovative recipe and a must try one too.

Even though I never eat tuna, my computer chair smells very heavily of tuna fish!?

Use a flame thrower to clean your computer chair thoroughly.