If I put a wheel on the tip of my walking stick, will I get to the shops quicker?

Answer i can tell you from experience that it......................................… DOESN'T WORKi now have no limbs because a racoon bit them all off as i fell into its nest. i was quite happily speed... Read More »

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How to Make a Walking Stick?

The next time you go hiking, why not take along a walking stick! It make it easier to balance on tougher trails and push away roots and branches. Also, they're fun to make and can be personalized j... Read More »

How to Draw a Walking Stick Figure?

Basic 2-dimensional forms are used on signs all over the world. Stick figures easily communicate basic human actions and activities through their universal and simple construction. From counters th... Read More »

What do walking stick bugs eat?

Stick insects are herbivores, and prefer the leaves from bramble such as blackberries and raspberries. They will also eat green leafy vegetables such as Romaine lettuce or cilantro, as well as azal... Read More »

The Life Cycle of a Walking Stick Bug?

Walking sticks, also known as stick insects or phasmids, are one of nature's more curious creations. Their unique brand of camouflage renders them almost invisible amongst the branches in which th... Read More »