If I push this "pause/break" button on my keyboard, will my keyboard become dormant ?

Answer Nope.When your computer is booting up during POST if you push the button it will basically pause the system.

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How come when I push this Number Lock button on my keyboard, my numbers don't get bigger ?

Why do we push harder on the keyboard when the batteries get low?

To try to get the last bit of juice out♥ Oh yeah, were talking about keyboards?? My bad? Hee Hee♥

Which button do you use the most on your keyboard?

thats just because, all day long, you google "tires"

On the 'F' button on your keyboard?

There is one on the J key, and are for touch typing.When the hands are at rest, ready to type, the two index fingers rest on these.You can re centre your fingers, without looking.Same as a five on ... Read More »