If I press REALLY, REALLY hard when I click a link, will the link work better?

Answer Yep. And sometimes you have to roar at it - it works much better when I use sailor-type language.

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Every time I click on a link, it opens a new tab?

When you click at a link and get a "page error", what can be the causes :) ?

The causes is almost definitely a server problem. If you are able to click on other links and visit other websites just fine, then it's almost asuredly a problem with the particular link you are a... Read More »

New window opens every time I click on a link?

Click on 'tools' on the top, hit 'Options' on the 'tabs' tab and select 'a new tab' option

In IE8, When I click on a link, The page jumps to the bottom..Why?

The question that needs to be asked and answered by you is whether this happens on every link, no matter what website you are on, including Google searches.I suggest downloading the latest Mozilla ... Read More »