Does mole biopsy cause itching?

Answer Normally, when a spot is biopsied it's itchy, just wait after two or three weeks before you act, and if it's persisted you might need to see a doctor or a dermatologist because Melanoma (the most d... Read More »

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Can the tria hair removal laser cause cancer?

i think laser beam use in lasik laser hair removal is a non-ionizing radiation which not inter fare with cell mutation so in my view laser hair removal not a cause of cancer.Skin cancer is normally... Read More »

Why Does Hair Grow Out of a Mole?

Moles can develop at any time in your life, and although some contain no hair, some do. Hair growing from a mole is not dangerous, and mainly tends to be more of a cosmetic nuisance than a health p... Read More »

Does nicotine cause cancer?

Despite what many people think, nicotine does not cause cancer. Nicotine is a chemical used in tobacco that is extremely addictive and is usually what you crave when you attempt to stop smoking. Al... Read More »

Does Weed cause cancer?