If I play my xbox 360 one a pannasonic 50 inch plasma tv will it ruin it?

Answer No, burn in is not an issue on new plasma's. - 17R3W

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Can you play PC Games on a Plasma HD 50 inch tv ?

use the plasma tv becuz thats what i use to play my games on

Best 32 Inch LCD HDTV to play my Xbox 360 on?

Panasonic 32lxd700. Brilliant picture, brilliant sound, no picture smear on sports or action, 3 hdmi ports and 2 scarts. You can get it at amazon for £779, but is cheaper at other online stores. J... Read More »

Is it posible for an XBOX to ruin a Tv?

FAce it. Your Mom paid, you get blamed.I doubt the repair man just told her that to make you life miserable.You are wrong.SPOILED BRAT!

Will xbox 360 in SD ruin my HD tv Answer ASAP?

its says this in the manuel doesn't it i have a sony wega rear projection and i have an x-box 360 i play on it everyday and no harm is caused i even checked with sony and they said it is only a pre... Read More »