If I play a DVD on my HDTV I get a thin black horizontal line in the picture a few pixels from the top. Connecting my computer you see the line on the top bottom and sides of any video or DVD. Why?

Answer On your TV, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of the picture. What's happening is that you may have the aspect ratio improperly set so that the DVD's picture doesn't fill the screen, ... Read More »

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See the guide here:…

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The rules of math cover everything from how to multiply large numbers to the proper way to draw points on a graph. One of those rules include different types of lines. A line with two arrows at eac... Read More »

Thin reed and green line down computer screen. It happened after houskeeper was here. what did she push?

No buttons have been pressed; the monitor has simply been cleaned with something it shouldn't have. Thin discoloured vertical lines are a sign of water damage. If no more appear, then the monitor s... Read More »

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