If I paid first and last months rent do I have to pay last months rent again?

Answer No, you are not required to pay last months rent again. Just make sure you are not mistaking it for the security deposit. Rent and security deposits can be the same amount. Check your rental agreem... Read More »

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If you have leaked fluid from one breast for almost two months had a two day period last month but got negative test results and now this months period is late what can cause this?

AnswerYou may be pregnant, but just didn't get a positive result yet. Go see a doctor or take another home test. I would go to a doctor considering all of your symptoms.

Is charging the first&last month's rent&security deposit legal in hawaii?

In Hawaii, a landlord may not charge a new tenant first and last month's rent and security deposit. Landlords may charge new tenants only their first month's rent and a security deposit. Additional... Read More »

You had your period for 2 weeks during the past two months now your breasts are leaking and very tender and you have only had sex last week since your last period is it possible that you are pregnant?

You are planning for pregnancy in one months you currently don't have health insurance you want to buy one with 6 months pre-existing condition Will the cost and delivery be paid by insurance comp.?

Answer Try this link for research material Hysterectomy Hysterectomy