If I mix mio with Chardonnay will it taste better?

Answer Ugh, I totally gagged when I read that. Do so at your own risk.

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I like white wine, only really tried Chardonnay, what others would I like?

I quit drinking, but...I loved the sweeter wines, so my choice would be the Riesling. If you want something in-between the chardonnay and the Riesling, sweet-wise, try the Pinot Grigio. Enjoy one... Read More »

Is chardonnay a sweet wine?

Wine is separated into two different types, sweet and dry. Chardonnay is a popular white wine that is a dry wine. There may be a small amount of sweetness in a chardonnay, depending on the brand, b... Read More »

Can chardonnay be used as a cooking wine?

Chardonnay can be used as a white cooking wine when the recipe calls for no wine in particular. The general rule in using wine to cook is to use a wine that you're comfortable drinking.References:O... Read More »

What would be the red wine equivalent of Chardonnay...?

Merlot...or Cabernet Sauvignon....not that Im a expert