If I make wine out of rasins do I still have to wait for it to age?

Answer Ageing of any wine is not a requirement. The ageing is put down to help the wines flavor improve. You can age the raisin wine or just make a go of it when or that is after you bottle it. Ageing thi... Read More »

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My computer will not load I wait and wait and it's still loading is it in the server?

I'd scan the computer, and make sure that the remote host network is fine. I have no problem loading right now

I'm a 47 year old virgin. Do I still have to wait till I'm married?

Well im not waiting for marriage.i'm waiting for whenever i'm positive i'm ready , and i know it'll be special. even if it's not someone i wanna marry, it can be someone i really like that's a good... Read More »

Do they still make Golden wine coolers?

Golden wine coolers were a type of wine cooler made by Seagram's Gin. The Golden variety wine cooler gained notoriety after being displayed in an advertising campaign by Bruce Willis, but was disc... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after you had pink eye to wear eye make-up again?

Any make-up you used before or while you had pink eye is potentially contaminated and should be thrown out. You'll want to at least wait until you have no more symptoms and are done with any medic... Read More »