If I make part of my profile on Facebook private can other's see it?

Answer No, Hear is a another option. If you select it Only me, that no one can see your Facebook activity. If you select Private sometime some of your friends will be able to see your activity on our Face... Read More »

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How can I view a private facebook profile?

Maybe they just arnt ready for you to meet her...and I'm just sayin you do seem kinda pushy..if they have rights to her and they don't want you involved then you wont be unless she wants to meet yo... Read More »

How do you view someone's Facebook default picture in full size if their profile is private?

How to Make an IMVU Profile Not Be Private?

IMVU was founded in 2004 as a gaming and social media destination. IMVU lets users create an online persona and interact in a 3D world via a downloadable gaming platform. Users make adjustments to ... Read More »

Should I make a profile on Facebook?

HiFacebook is good for keeping on contact with people, I only got facebook a few weeks ago and I now am in contact with people from primary school who I have not seen for years! (I moved cities) It... Read More »