If I make a facebook group, will all my friends on my friends list know that I am the creator of the group?

Answer yes, they can see who the admin of the group is - you cant hide that

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How to Make It so My Facebook Group Friends Can Only See Some of My Posts?

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Do friends see your comments in a closed group on facebook?

Only people that you have in the closed group can see the comments. No one else unless they re-post it publically. Don't say anything online that you don't want to be repeated to others that you do... Read More »

If a Facebook group is secret, do members' posts to it show up in their friends' news feeds?

No, only you and the members can see it. They'll see it on theirs news feed. Or can go to the wall itself to check it out. But it won't show publicly. Only to the members who are in the secret grou... Read More »

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