If I invited you over for dinner, what would you like me to cook?

Answer I will put you to the test. I love fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese and collard greens. I am a southerner and I know how to do everything but the collard greens. I get them at... Read More »

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I have been invited to a dinner party and told not to bring anything. should i take something anyway?

You can bring the hostess some flowers, or a bottle of wine, beer, drinks depends on what type of a party/atmosphere it is.

As a recent vegetarian if I am invited to a dinner can I eat meat if that is what they are having?

your reasons for becoming a vegetarian are health-related and not political, so you're not being a hypocrite if you eat a little bit of meat to make life easier. you can get back on track the next... Read More »

Ladies, if a guy invited you to his place for dinner, and made the following for you, what would you think?

Well Vinny, I think I would definately replace the Italian sausage that's on my plate now with yours!!

My husband invited over his boss and ceo for dinner. what can i make that will impress them?

The number one and most important thing, find out if your guests have any food allergies or if they are on any special diets or even if theres just certain foods that they dont eat. Keeping these r... Read More »