If I install a hardwood floor over wall-to-wall carpeting will I have the best of both worlds The look and?

Answer If you're just prepared to go one step further, i.e. pouring self-levelling concrete over the carpet and PAINTING it to look like wood, you'll have durability and easy maintenance too!

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I have wall to wall shag carpeting with a hardwood accent; what's the best upkeep?

you need to find somebody who knows how to properly handle your finishes. the carpet needs to be finger-combed regularly to maintain its plush; and you have to let the wood breathe, so i suggest e... Read More »

What year did wall to wall carpeting become available in US?

What year did wall to wall carpeting become available in USA

Does condo ownership only include the inside the unit from wall to wall and ceiling to floor?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents, and in your state's condominium law.The state can define the border between a unit owner's property and property owned by all owners, i... Read More »

Is it necessary when raising a load bearing wall 4 feet to install a new beam in the exact spot where the wall originally was?

that depends: if it's carrying old dimensional lumber floor or ceiling joists that are lapped at the wall, yes. if it's carrying floor or roof trusses, you may be able to get a repair detail from... Read More »