If I have yellow teeth, can I make them whiter by brushing lots?

Answer Yes but I don't know how well that will work but whitening strips or the inside of a banana peel just rub it on your teeth ad don't brush afterward and in about a week or so you will start noticing... Read More »

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My Teeth Are Yellow. How Can I Make Them Whiter?

Here are best home made remedies that worldwide accepted and approved.1) Brushing teeth with lemon juice: 2) Brushing teeth using wood ash (i.e. from your fireplace) 3) Brushing teeth using mashed ... Read More »

What causes those white spots/areas whiter than others (some yellow) on your teeth?

Same problem many years ago, I was told it was a lack of calcium, and was given tablets tohelp boost mine up. But it could be the lack ofother vitamins!!Must add that the very slight areas on my ... Read More »

My teeth turn yellow very quickly between brushing sessions?

Try drinking water, fairly oftenIts usually because your saliva is dry, and its turns your teeth yellow.If that doesn't work, i would suggest a different toothpaste, or chewing a type of gum that i... Read More »

Will Drinking teeth make my teeth whiter?

Nope you just have to brush your teeth for like a day