If I have virus protection will limewire still ruin my computer?

Answer You can never be sure, I had the same thing on my computer, and it still got a virus :/

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My sister put Limewire on my computer! Will it give me a virus?

No, Limewire itself will not give you a virus, but some of the computers that you connect to may have a virus attacched to the files that you are sharing. Remember ANY Peer to Peer Network file sh... Read More »

Can straightening your hair everday, still ruin it if you use protection?

On the contrary, I'm straightening my hair because I hate the way it looks without straightening because its too curly but I use a blow dryer instead.I asked a similar question and yep I think it w... Read More »

Can your computer still get infected even if your virus protection is up to date?

Your computer can still experience infection even if your virus protection is up-to-date. During the time it takes your antivirus software provider to find out about new viruses, develop detection ... Read More »

If you pay for virus protection from Norton and you still get a virus, why do they want $80 to help remove it?

This is typical of Norton, Build a product that does not work well and then charge for support. Stick to the free products, at least then you will not be ripped off.