If I have sex at 38 weeks and 2cm dilated will it help me dilate more?

Answer It may do.

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If your 1cm dilated how much time will it take until you dilate enough to be in active labor?

Answer You can be 1cm for a while. Some women have gone months.First you need to realize how far along you are anyway.If you are not 40 weeks yet then it is likely that you wont go into labor any... Read More »

You are dilated to a one what can help you dilate some more and how effective would nipple stimulation be at this point?

nipple stimualtion is pretty effective but if not done correctly it can bring really strong contractions. I was told to use a breat pump for 5 minutes then to do a few sets of warm compressions and... Read More »

If you're 38 weeks pregnant with first child 3cm dilated 100 effaced and at plus 1 station what are the chances of not going into labor for weeks?

Well, your chances are kinda slim. More than likely youre going to go into labor within the next week and a half, maybe 2. Youre around delivery time, and it sounds like that baby's ready to come o... Read More »

Im 36 weeks and dilated to 1 will I last to full term My husbands in Iraq and will be home in 4 weeks when im supposed to be due and I really need him to be here?

While I can't give you any guarantees that you won't go into labor before your wonderful husband returns, being 1cm dilated is not at all unusual for a pregnant woman. This is especially so if it i... Read More »