If I have been living for 4 months on only 600 calories per day..?

Answer too low.Eat healthy things.and go jogging for exercise!you will may start feeling weak!Eat More than 600 calories.your stomach will shrink!and you know it's Too yes That is Stravati... Read More »

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If your child is 17 months old and she has been living with you her father for 13 months can you get sole custody?

%REPLIES% Answer Has the child's mother exercised visitation? If so, I would strongly discourage you from trying to get sole custody -- unless it is in the best interest of the child. If the moth... Read More »

Your period is usually 5-7 days but for the past 3 months they have been only 1-2 days long occasionally you feel nausea am i pregnant?

Answer Dear Reader; Probably not but you will want to know what is making you feel that way. See your health care provider. Dwight

You had direct tv installed about 6 months ago have not been able to play back any VCR recordings since only see fuzzy screen when playing back What is wrong?

Answer It really depends on you connections and whether or not they're correctly installed. Without seeing your set-up, I can't be of much assistance. Find someone who you trust and has some knowl... Read More »

Been Vegan for 3 months only 12lbs gone WHY?

It's because you ate too much!There is no secret to losing weight. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn off in a day. This is not new, this is not a fad, it's science.If you eat too much ... Read More »