If I have a European passport, can I work and live in Switzerland?

Answer 47 countries are members of the Council of Europe.;… ..However only citizen of member countries of the European Union (EU, 27 countries) and of the EEA (EU ... Read More »

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I want to live and work in switzerland or a nordic country?

This is a travel related forum, not a place for socio-economical questions (although that they are asked all the time). A better online resource to ask your kind of question is the the EnglishForum... Read More »

As a EU citizen (Estonia), can I live and work in Switzerland?

Switzerland has signed so called bilateral contracts with the EU. As a consequence, citizens of most (but not all) EU countries may work here as they like. Estonia belongs to the so called EU-8 sta... Read More »

Zurich, Bern or Geneva in Switzerland would be your best pick as far as work and live?

Depends what language you speak if you speak french chose Geneva if you speak German I would chose Zurich since the city is bigger and has more jobs to offer.Be aware unless you are an EU or EEA ci... Read More »

How to Obtain a European Passport?

The 27 European countries that make up the European Union do not issue joint European passports. European passports are issued by the individual European countries to their citizens in accordance w... Read More »