If I have a 42 inch LCD TV, how far away should I be sitting to watch properly?

Answer most people are comfortable viewing an image with a ratio of 3 - 5:1 (inches away : inches of TV). Elevation is also a critical factor for viewing comfort. The bottom of the set should be even ... Read More »

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Can we not watch 3D while all of us is sitting on the same couch?

No. The whole point of the 3DTV is so you can all watch it in the same area.

How Far Away Should You Watch a 42 Inch HDTV?

Deleting a file in OS X does not permanently remove it from your computer. Much like the Recycle Bin on a PC, the Trash on a Mac holds all of your files until permanently "Removed from Trash." You ... Read More »

How to Watch Online Video when the Audio Isn't Synchronized Properly?

Tired of watching lips move and no noise come out? Follow this easy process to fix the problem.

I have a 46 inch Sharp LCD monitor with a dvi input, can I watch HD tv on this with a comcast/dish hd box?

All you need to do is get a DVI to HDMI adapter. I used remember, DVI is only for picture. When you connect a HDMI cable from your satellite receiver, DVD player, etc. to a DVI ad... Read More »