If I have Google Voice, will the numbers I text show up on my bill?

Answer I use google voice! and, no the #s you text won't show up on your AT&T bill! make sure that when you're setting up google voice though that you don't set a # that links to google voice as you cell ... Read More »

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How to Text with Google Voice?

This is an article on how to create a Google Voice account, add contacts, text members, and keep track of communication. This is a really amazing tool when it comes to making sure every member of y... Read More »

How to Call and Text With Google Voice on an iPod Touch?

Have you ever wanted to call from your Ipod Touch? Well you can! If you have a google account, follow these steps to get calling on your Ipod touch for free in the USA or Canada!

Do all numbers you dial show up on the phone bill?

A number shows up on a landline bill only if it's 1. Billable 2. Completed (as in answered).With certain line share/fax switches, the call may be answered but not connected. They would be the ... Read More »

Do text messages show up on the bill?

Are you kidding? Imagine if you exchanged 1300 texts. How many pages of texts would that be? No, the content of the texts does not show up on the bill. It will most likely just show up on one small... Read More »