If I got stabbed with a knife, what should I do?

Answer you should not pull the knife out. when still inside your body, it is helping clot the blood and stopping the bleed. removing it would cause more damage to the surrounding tissue and possibly organ... Read More »

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If you get stabbed with a knife?

I was stabbed in my leg when I was 13 years old hanging around the wrong people. It hurts pretty badly. It feels like a cat going as deep as they can into your skin x229384794373. It would hurt pre... Read More »

Have you ever been stabbed with a knife?

What would happen if you stabbed a knife through your hand?

You would most likely know how bad this injury is once it has occurredThere will be blood, that goes without saying, if you hit an artery, you will certainly know about it, you should keep a rope w... Read More »

I accidentally stabbed my penis with a knife?