If I get braces how long would I need them?

Answer The length of time varies from person to person. The more crooked your teeth, the longer you'll need them. It also depends on the skill of the orthodontist, the quality of the braces, and the ora... Read More »

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How long would I need my braces on?

My teeth were worse than yours, I had a lot of my front teeth, half behind other ones. In 9 months they are completely fixed and I only have to have my braces on to fix my over bite. So I would say... Read More »

Is there a way to get braces cheaply if you really need them but your family cannot afford them?

Answer There are some insurance plans that cover part of the cost of braces. I would consult an orthodontist to get an approximate price as every case is different. Most have payment plans where t... Read More » I need them ***PICS***?

It's a matter of personal opinion. If you ask me, I think your teeth look perfect. No one has absolutely straight teeth and certainly no one is going to be staring at your teeth for as long as an... Read More »

Can i get braces if i don't need them?

On One Hand: Almost Anyone Can Get BracesAccording to Dr. D.G. Hall Orthodontics, many people need braces to correct some facet of their smile, whether it be the alignment, slightly crooked teeth o... Read More »