If I get a vagina will I still be able to ride my motorcycle?

Answer Not only can you ride with a vagina, you can use your new vagina to store your extra gum, so your pockets are free to hold all those guys phone numbers that will be after you!!

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Will i still be able to pick my spiders up?

em i wouldnt really touch them get some medication hun!and get them a cage they can probably hurt themselves aswell....aww feel better! x0x0x0x0x0x0x

If you got a DWI for drugs and alcohol will you still be able to join the CIA?

1953, Operation Ajax. Obama just apologized for this earlier this year. Some wonder why we have so much trouble with mid-eastern countries like Iran. There are no clean hands in any of this but we ... Read More »

Will you still be able to get the iPad2 when iPad3 comes out?

No, there's none... Apple hasn't released any updates for iPad 2 with Siri on board...

If you declare Bankruptcy Will you still be able to get Student loans for college?

If you filed for bankruptcy and are still are a student or thinking about going back to school you still can get government financial assistance. Not all is lost, because you are young and had to g... Read More »