If I found a bug in my McDonalds sandwich should I tell anyone?

Answer welli loved mcdonalds since i could remember myselfso part of me wants to tell you not to ruin mcdonalds reputation (you are kind of doing it ny asking this question)and part of me wants to tell yo... Read More »

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I was raped a few weeks ago, and I feel like I can't tell anyone because I liked parts of it. Should I tell?

Any time a woman is raped, there are many feelings involved that are confusing and overwhelming. Guilt, shame, fear, helplessness,etc. are a part of having your power taken away from you. You shou... Read More »

My mom found out today that she has breast cancer. Can anyone tell me some positive words about it?

It is not a death sentence. My FATHER Had Breast Cancer, and that was 13 years ago. He is a survivor. There are MANY Survivors. And I hope to be one myself. I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer,... Read More »

I found a cocoon that was gray with red spikes attached to my cypress tree can anyone tell me what it is?

I have a feeling you have a Cedar Apple Rust Gall. It is not a cocoon. It is a fungal disease that has a symbiotic cycle between Cedar trees and Apple trees. The Rust Gall begins it's life on a ced... Read More »

What should you do if you're 17 and moving to Florida in a month and you just found out you're pregnant and should you tell your boyfriend?

17, Pregnant, & moving to Florida Talk your Mom & Dad...let them know what is going on. Then talk to the father of you child and if he is 17 like you, have you parents talk to with his. You may no... Read More »