If I felt a tingling feeling in my head when I was woken up from sleep like I feel when I try to move my leg?

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Has anyone ever been woken from their sleep with a feeling they cant move?

You sound like you have the same thing as me and many others, sleep paralysis. Have a look at these.…… http://w... Read More »

When i feel a tingling feeling on my bottom lip.?

It is possible you could be getting a cold sore. Read about them here and see what you think.……http://www.emedic... Read More »

You are losing your mucus plug or you already have in the last few days and you're feeling pelvic pressure it's like a tingling feeling is this normal and what is this pressure?

Tingling hot feeling above lip, could it be a cold sore?

That's beyond a cold sore. I thought that's what it was for me too at first, but I was wrong. It's full on oral herpes. It takes a few days to set in, but you'll start breaking out in sores in and ... Read More »