If I fell, would you laugh at me?

Answer No I would Not Laugh, I would pick you up and tickle you so you would be happy again! :) Keep On Smiling Always!

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If you fell 9 storeys would you die instantly and painlessly?

Death from a fall is caused by 3 factors:1) The height = Gravitational potential energy, the HIGHER the object is (altitude), the more energy it gets, which is later converted to kinetic energy whe... Read More »

What do you think would happen if Hermione fell for Draco?

Dramione is a fanon pairing that's never made any sense to me. He loathes her and everything she stands for- even going as far as to wish her dead in the Chamber of Secrets. On Hermione's part, she... Read More »

My cell phone fell in the toilet.... would it still work?

First put the battery outnext, put it next to a hands dryer or you hair dryer... Let it 24hrs without turning it on, tomorrow, go put the battery back again to the place and without turning it on c... Read More »

Would you know if the blood clot fell out after a tooth extraction?

Did the Dentist give you stitches in your upper molar? Or did he just pull it out under general anesthesia, with gauze to bite down upon to stop the bleeding?