If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?

Answer Every culture and every individual has a hangover cure. There are lots of interesting variations but a few basics are always the same.First of all alcohol makes you pee a lot. In fact you pee out ... Read More »

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I drank some herbs and now I feel weird please help!!?

That's a grate herbal meditation enhancing tea!!! I'll have to wright that one downTansy rosemary and sage all contain a drug called thujone, thujone is a very very mild psychedelic so it makes ev... Read More »

I drank listerine and now I feel like crap,what should I do?

Listerine is full of alcohol. Congratulations: you ARE drunk. You've just skipped the happy, euphoric state and rushed straight to the dizzy, vomiting state.It depends on how much you drank, but ... Read More »

If you are 30 weeks pregnant and you know it is normal to feel tired but is it normal to feel so tired you feel achy and in the morning you feel fine again?

Answer Yes its normal. Its most likely the position the baby is laying in which is causing you to feel achy and his/her constant movement in your tummy is probably making you feel tired. However it... Read More »

What does marijuana make you feel like what does it feel like to be high?

Weed is pretty exaggerated in most movies, it actually pisses me off.It affects everyone differently. When you smoke marijuana it sort of "amplifies" your senses and changes your perception. The fi... Read More »