If I eat marijuana will i pass a pee test?

Answer You might not pass your pee test because you're still digesting the weed. It doesn't stay in your blood stream as long as smoking it but you will see traces of it for at least a week.

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How do you pass a drug test for marijuana in 24 hours?

Drink lots of cranberry juice and go to a head shop and tell them you need to flush out your system (be careful you don't say its for drugs or they wont sell it to him, they prob wont ask for what ... Read More »

How long before I can pass a urine test after smoking marijuana?

Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clea... Read More »

I need to take a drug test in 2 days. I'm a heavy marijuana smoker. Any suggestions on how I can pass?

I don't smoke, I have heard from friends there is a way of passing a UA. Drink lots of water all weekend to where it hurts to pee. Go to the grocery store and buy stuff called, Sur jell (sure gel) ... Read More »

I have 6 days to pass a piss test ive smokedabout 5 joints in the last 2 weeks can i pass?

Sure ya can, just dont puff anymore ganja and drink a boatload of water. At least a few gallons a day. Also, eat a healthy diet with little fat. Don't be fooled by the other folks that say drink ... Read More »