If I drink lots of products containing aspartame will I die ?

Answer Yes.... but you'll die if you don't drink it too. Unfortunately, you're going to die no matter what you do.Aspartame is a HUGELY tested product... lots of people are terrified of it - but I bet it... Read More »

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Is it possible to get lots of YouTube views on a makeup channel if you don't use high end products?

Of course! People watch for your skill and personality. Not the products. Most people even prefer drugstore products. Just keep doing what you are doing! (:

I drink lots of water but im peeing so little?

If you have a kidney stone, you'll probably realize it because they are supposed to be excruciatingly painful. The home remedy probably won't help much because a mild acid like that isn't going to ... Read More »

Do you like Juice Do you drink lots of soft drink or fruit juice?

I eat different varieties of fruits and drink water.

What happens if i cut soda out of my diet and just drink lots of water?