If I download a torrent, how much bandwidth will it use?

Answer It will use as much bandwidth as it can get... unless you set a limit...

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Are torrent safe to download am i allowing to copy my data to others by installing torrent?

If you mean torrent software then yes. Your'e not allowing to copy your data unless you share some of it using your torrent software.

Will I finish download my torrent even if it has zero seeder and only 4 leechers?

I don't think so. If there are no seeders and more leechers I don't think you can complete it. Please seed it if you fortunately can complete.

How much bandwidth will a 15 minute video on 480P use?

Hello!According to AT&T Data Calculator a 1 Hour SD Video will consume 120 MB's of your bandwidth so 120/4 = 30 MB per 15 minutes. And for 1 hour HD videos is 310 MB of data consumption, 310/4 = 77... Read More »

How to Download From Steam at a Lower Bandwidth?

Steam, a computer game download client, establishes your average connection speed when you install the software. You can adjust the download speed settings through several different options, allowi... Read More »