If I delet internet explorer from my computer will it mess anything up?

Answer You can't delete Internet Explorer from Windows, at least not by normal means. When you uncheck Internet Explorer in Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components, all you're doing it removing shortcuts... Read More »

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Will uninstalling Internet Explorer cause problems with my computer?

In addition to the first answer (which is correct), you will need to use IE in order to receive Windows Updates. Without Windows critical and security updates, your computer will soon be a malware-... Read More »

How do I delet a print job from HP Pavilion computer connected to HP Desktop Printer?

Go into the control panel, click on printers and then look for the printer - you should be able to click on it and cancel the pending print job.

My computer is messed up from some virus, shouldnt it be against the law for someone to mess up my computer?

It is against the law... The problem is in finding the criminals...

If I unplug cable cord between wall & modem & switch to longer cord, will it mess anything up?

You should not have any problems. If you do reboot, both your modem and pc and it will fix all. Good luck