If I decide to create a new article on wikipedia who decides if it stays?

Answer Anyone passing by, really. Only administrators can make the final decision and physically delete the article, but anyone viewing the page can place a deletion tag on the article if they believe it ... Read More »

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How do I create an article on Wikipedia?

Okay, you have toFirst, make an account.....Next, type in the subject you want to type aboutThen, At the top, click where it says dicussions.Finally, look at the paragraph you want. At the end of t... Read More »

Can someone create a Wikipedia article for me?

you can start by looking at the code of an article for another artist, to get an idea of how it's laid outfor starters, the article will most likely begin with a template named Infobox · this will... Read More »

How to create/edit an article in

Mr. Bauder always gives excellent, if concise, Wikipedia answers. I suggest you take his advice and give him BA. I just want to point out one thing... does redirect there, but t... Read More »

How can I create an article on Wikipedia, it is confusing me!?

All you have to do is type what you want to appear in text on the screen. The tools at the top let you change styles and color. Copying colors and different sizes from a word processor doesn't al... Read More »