If I deactivate my facebook can I active again will my stuff still be there?

Answer No, everything will be the exact same as before. So deactivate as you please.

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When you deactivate your facebook & reactivate it can people see your comments/likes on their stuff from befor?

Yes It's the same account so all the stuff will be there. I would recommend changing you privacy setting if you don't want things seen.

Why can't I deactivate my facebook?

lol.. good luck with that.. facebook has been going under maintenance forever...u can delete ur facebook account all u want, but they can still have it up with ur picture and videos and everything.... Read More »

If i deactivate my facebook..can i reactivate it later?

Yes you can. And yes, all your friends and photos will still be in your profile. :)

What happens when I deactivate my Facebook account?

Yes you can reactivate your account. dont listen to anyone else who tells you you cant reactivate it. yes you can, you can do that by creating another new account. dont do anything to that new acco... Read More »