If I covered my hair straightener in tin foil, could I use it to cook bacon?

Answer That is an amazing idea, Actually.. I'm going to go try it right now.

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When insulating a basement with aluminum-covered insulation, which side does the foil go on?

The aluminum reflective covering on insulation reflects heat back toward the source. When insulating basement floors and walls, the foil side should face toward the room. When insulating the baseme... Read More »

How to Use Tin Foil to Cook on the Gas Grill?

Wrapping food in tin foil helps seal in flavors when cooking on a gas grill. Foil is also useful in preventing delicate foods, such as fish and vegetables, from falling apart on the grilling grate ... Read More »

How long do you cook chicken in tin foil?

For chicken breasts, cook at 425 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes (the larger breasts need more time) wrapped in aluminum foil. Chicken quarters, which have bones, require a longer cooking time--450 d... Read More »

Could you please tell me how you cook your bacon?

Depends on how hungry I am or what mood im in.Sometimes I will fry the bacon, the fat left in the pan is great for frying bread in,Otherwise I tend to grill the bacon but I don't leave it long enou... Read More »