If I could voodoo someone for you, who would it be and why?

Answer Michael Jackson, I don't know where he's living now, oh hell, just do the entire Jackson family for me.Why? partly because he's a kiddy fiddler, partly because of his music, but mainly it's because... Read More »

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How to Use a Voodoo Doll?

Voodoo DollsWhat is your desire? Ancient spells for luck, love, or fortune? Placing a curse on your enemy? Bringing back a lost love? Hexing your foe? Oh, the possibilities!The most popular steroty... Read More »

Should you go to the voodoo lounge?

ask someone else go to gs office and get his flashlight

How to Make Voodoo Tea?

An alcoholic tea drink for those times when just tea isn't enough!

Does the Voodoo 803 come with a TV tuner?

No, the HP Firebird with VoodooDNA 803 PC does not have a built-in TV tuner. However, it does contain expansion slots and a USB port, so you can add either an internal or external tuner.Source:HP: ... Read More »