If I can see pulse beating in my child's neck should I worry?

Answer No. Many people's pulse can be seen in their necks. If you are concerned, call your pediatrician.

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Is the condition of soft tissue around neck detected in ultrasound scan of 22 weeks of pregnancy a cause for worry?

Recently developed a weird pulse pounding on left side of my head/neck. Happens lying down and bending over.?

I am 27 and suffer from this as well and have for the last few years. It is called pulsing tenitis. It can be caused from several different things. I hear the noise in my ear constantly. The fir... Read More »

My son was born with a pin size hole in his neck. the doctor said its nothing to worry about. now he's 3 and i noticed there something clear that oozed out of it. it doesnt do this a lot. any ideas?

It must be a dermal sinus a tiny tube with a blind end. It usually does not cause any problem. Sometimes it can get infected and cause pain and swelling. In that situation a minor operation may be ... Read More »

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Neck (Avoid "Turkey Neck")?

Leave the "gobbler" to the turkey. Loose skin on neck can cause a great deal of insecurity and concern among men and women as we age.The normal aging process causes the neck area to sag and wrinkle... Read More »