If I buy two 5.1 surround systems, will I get 10.2?

Answer Nope.

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Help with Choosing Surround Systems!?

You have plenty options. My respectful advice is to listen to the different sound systems before deciding on one. Get your favorite tunes and get on the road and audition as many that prove intere... Read More »

Best surround sound systems?

all good brands, but it all depends on what you like. Energy is pretty cool. I haven't heard many Harman speakers so I can't comment there. my favorites would probably bowers & wilkins, and definit... Read More »

How does surround sound systems work?

It's never a good idea to buy a prepackaged "system". It's better to buy individual components. Depending on your budget this may not be possible however. If you do buy a system I would recomme... Read More »

How to hook up two surround sound systems?

Any way to do it would involve splitting the signal or using different outputs from your source such as run RCA to one and digital audio to the other. The only issue I could see is the chance of tu... Read More »