If I buy pet food for my dog and cat, am I still a vegan?

Answer If you're eating a vegan diet, I'd say you are vegan. Some things are just unavoidable, or out of your control. Me driving my brother to Catholic mass doesn't make me a Catholic, though I'm not hap... Read More »

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Family won't buy vegan food?

What can you do? You have three choices:1) If you under the age of 16, child protective services would help you; you parents are not allowed to deprive you of food just because you are vegan.2) If... Read More »

Vegan food in Blackpool?

T.G.I Fridays Vegan Food?

I believe you should eat whatever you wish, particularly what is put in front of you, and if you are fussy about what you eat then tell the host before hand or don't attendDune

Can you be vegan and like Chinese food?

Cats are not vegan. Most of the Chinese food is vegetables actually. Apart from chicken or beef (usually), it's mostly vegetables.