If I buy mp3 downloads from Amazon, can I put them on a CD and on an mp3 player?

Answer I buy mp3s from Amazon and will not use iTunes bloatware. They are high quality and unsecured. Copy, paste, play wherever and whenever you wish.

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I bought a Sony BDPS370 Blu-Ray player from Amazon and the disc made a whirring noise during playback which I could not live with and not sure if the player was faulty or if they all do this?

How to Stop Amazon Music Downloads?

If you find yourself in the process of downloading an MP3 from that you ultimately do not want, you have the option to cancel the download. The Amazon MP3 Downloader offers the choice to... Read More »

Is buying a refurbished blu ray player from amazon "safe"?

You are correct in thinking that a refurbished item had something wrong with it.. But the keyword is "HAD". A refurbished unit is normally just like new because when it's returned to the manufactur... Read More »

I bought two songs from Amazon and they wont show up when I search for them!?